Very early ripening Exceptionally heavy yield 3 3 Telephone: 0845 6073322 Maize varieties Which maize variety do I grow? DKC3333 Skali Konsulixx LG 31218 Fieldstar* Gatsby* P7326 Rubiera* Avitus* Salgado Atrium P7378 * Denotes available with Take Off® Value Later Mid season Early Very early YIELD DM T/HA - FIRST CHOICE VARIETIES FOR FAVOURABLE SITES Source: NIAB Fit-Con Jan 2017 from NL1 and NL2 data % Dry matter Later Earlier 16.0 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 16.5 17.0 17.5 18.0 18.5 19.0 LG31211 Kompetens LG30209 Atrium Absalon Belami Asgaard Bonnie Aurelius Gatsby Autens Rodriguez Emblem Fieldstar Nordicstar Oxxgood Severus Kougar Yukon Ambition Perez Reason Glory Arcade Sunlite Sergio Activate Rubiera Augustus Emmerson Marco Coditank Alfastar Spyci Yield – DM – t/ha VERY EARLY VARIETIES RUBIERA available with Take Off® or Sonido AVITUS available with Take Off® Site Favourable and Marginal. Favourable and Marginal. Ripening MGA maturity group 11. Earlier than Activate, Sergio and Reason. The description Ultra Early is probably misleading: it does ripen very quickly. Similar maturity group to Rubiera but the cob is surrounded by the husk extending the harvest window and reducing cob exposure to birds and mould. Yield 16 tonnes dry matter/ha. NIAB data indicates 2 tonnes of dry matter/ha heavier than Rubiera and 1 tonne heavier than Glory and Reason. A huge leap forward. Early vigour Excellent. This is very important for later drilled crops. Excellent. Well above average. Stay green Dries down very quickly so ideal for later drilling or a guaranteed early harvest. Once it reaches 31% dry matter it will dry down quickly: slower than Rubiera as it is a much bigger plant but quicker than FieldStar. Eyespot A medium risk variety. Treat in susceptible sites. There is no official rating but incidence was less than 1% in National List Trials, half the level found in the controls. Standing Stands well in the harvest window but don’t leave in the field. We have seen less than 1% lodging in all trials. % CWD Well above average. Similar to Reason and Glory. ME The highest score available. Similar to Atrium. Energy yield Due to the excellent ME the energy yield good for a very early variety but is less than later varieties with heavier dry matter yield. The combination of yield and ME creates an energy yield capable of producing 2,000 litres of milk/ha more than Reason and Glory. Starch Starch % similar to dry matter %. Even on marginal sites Rubiera can produce nearly 6t of starch/ha. It has one of the highest starch yields of any variety. Avitus is one of those rare varieties that lays down starch well ahead of its dry matter. It produces ½ t/ha of starch more than Reason and Glory. Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 51 FORAGE CROP SELECTION AND ESTABLISHMENT 50 FORAGE CROP SELECTION AND ESTABLISHMENT