Precision: SoilQuest scanning and sampling ONLINE ACCESS TO APS PORTAL SOIL AND NUTRIENT ANALYSIS SATELLITE IMAGERY (BUILD), YIELD MAPS (RESULT), COMPLIANCE (AID) SOIL TEXTURE ANALYSIS, SEED PLANNING T(-1) MULTIDEPTH SOIL SURVEY WHOLE FIELD Whole field sampling, analysis and nutrient recommendations to help you target your inputs and improve your yields. SOIL REFLECTION Soil survey maps using satellite technology to help you better understand your soil variance and achieve better yields. SOIL SCAN Soil survey maps using field scanning technology providing dual layer data to help you achieve the best yields. CROPPING NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT NITROGENMANAGEMENT (N MAX) TM Forage crop selection and establishment We also supply amenity grass mixtures – please see page 80 for more information or get in touch. CHOOSE MASTER LEYS FOR: ✚ Yield ✚ Feed quality ✚ Seed quality ✚ Winter hardiness ✚ Sward density ✚ Seasonality of growth ✚ Life span ✚ Disease resistance particularly crown rust Farmers often question the value of reseeding. Below are the yields in dry matter tonnes/acre of an old sward compared with the 1st year of a new ley. The yield increase is huge and easily pays for the reseed. Final year First year Silage Master 4.4 7.9 Cut Master 5.0 7.4 Field Master 5.0 7.3 Dual Purpose 5.0 6.9 Sward Master 4.8 7.3 GRASS SEED MIXES FERA requirement 2017 Agrii average Perennial Ryegrass 80% 95% Italian & Hybrid Ryegrass 75% 89% Festulolium 75% 93% Agrii produces 80% of its grass seed on local farms. This enables us to have greater quality control. As you can see below our germination % is at least 10% MORE than demanded by FERA. On the next four pages you’ll find: ✚ Master Leys grass seed and mixes – England, Wales and Northern Ireland ✚ Master Leys grass seed and mixes – Scotland Transparency between yourself and your SoilQuest account manager means all parties can share the same live data and manage accordingly. The Agrii Precision Services Software (APS) allows complete nutrient planning including nitrogen, lime, organic manures and base fertilisers. It also provides nitrogen based compliance conformity, and the creation of variable rate application files as well as seed planning and processing of yield maps. THE AGRII POCKET PRECISION APP Allows access to your SoilQuest maps whilst in the field. Using smartphone technology you can access scan, satellite and nutrient information as a companion to our desktop APS package in the field. MEET THE TEAM “I am one of a group of specialists providing a national service to our livestock customers. Growing good quality forage which is available at the right time is vital to your profitability. My personal motto is “growing crops not floggin’ seed.” BRENDAN PAUL Forage Business Manager IN THIS SECTION: ✚ Master Leys grass mixtures. ✚ Maize variety choices. ✚ Fodder crops. ✚ Master Leys for horses. These were replicated trials carried out on behalf of Agrii by DLF Trifolium. Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 45 FORAGE CROP SELECTION AND ESTABLISHMENT 44 CROP NUTRITION