Precision nutrition: SoilQuest scanning and sampling Agrii’s SoilQuest service is unique; by combining precision farming data with the expert knowledge of our UK agronomists, we can provide an option that is tailored to your business. We have a dedicated team of qualified account managers spread throughout the UK, who, along with farm staff and agronomists, are best placed to advise on nutritional and seed applications. Soil type determines the biggest variation in yield. If you compared a yield map of a field with a map of its soil type, you’d find there’d be a correlation of around 85-95% between the two. Other yield- influencing factors such as blackgrass and slugs also have a strong correlation with soil type. Understanding your soil is therefore fundamental to ensuring your fields meet their yield potential, and Our Farm Business Team, Agrii Consultancy and Environmental Services, can advise on wider aspects of farm mapping, in relation to cross compliance – see page 62. MEET THE TEAM “We have 3 bespoke service options to cater for every need and budget. From the highest resolution electrical conductivity scanning and high resolution satellite images right down to RB209 recognised whole field sampling.“ CHRIS HOSKINS SoilQuest Manager making informed management decisions about nutritional and seed inputs to achieve maximum potential from a growing crop. This is therefore at the heart of all our spatial and non spatial mapping options. When we carry out soil sampling, each sample bag is sent to a specialist soil laboratory to be analysed. Standard P, K, Mg and pH analysis is carried out on every sample. Additional nutrients can be specified along with laser texturing to confirm the exact sand/silt/clay content, and the soil classification for each sample. Targeted tissue analysis can also be included. “ The level of crop production can be no greater than that allowed by the most limiting of the essential growth factors.” Justus von Liebig 1803 - 1873 ✚ Quicker and increased emergence. ✚ Larger roots and shoots. ✚ Increased yield. ✚ Higher quality. WHICH CROPS WILL BENEFIT? Establishment is the most critical phase of growing maize. The crop produces similar biomass to wheat, but in only half the time. The ability and time to compensate is therefore low. WHAT MIGHT I SEE BY INCREASING THE SPEED OF EMERGENCE? Take Off® will speed up emergence of the crop, typically by 3 days. The crop will establish quicker, reducing the impact of stress. It will also be at risk of slug damage for less time. AS I WILL GET A BIGGER ROOT MASS, CAN I DRILL MY MAIZE EARLIER? Maize is susceptible to frost damage. We recommend that you keep to your normal drilling date. IF I HAVE A BIGGER ROOT MASS, CAN I REDUCE P & K APPLICATIONS? Take Off® will only deliver a tiny amount of nutrient. However, this is on the seed so the young plant can use it immediately. It is enough to last about three weeks until the plants need to locate more from the soil. In our trials in 2011, the use of Take Off® actually negated the use of DAP. Standard applications should replace the nutrients being removed by the crop and where indices are low, build them up. Therefore, Take Off® will increase availability of nutrients and water to the crop but should not be used to reduce fertiliser applications. Maize seed treatments: Take Off ® BENEFIT OF TAKE OFF® AT 5 SITES % DRY MATTER % STARCH STARCH T/HA ME ENERGY GJ/HA YIELD DRY MATTER T/HA No Take Off® 25 19 2.0 10.6 115 11.0 + Take Off® 27 24 3.0 10.8 127 11.8 Difference +2 +5 +1.0 +0.2 +12 +0.8 ✚ Earlier harvest ✚ More energy ✚ More starch ✚ Higher yields 34 days Take Off® + DAP DAP Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 43 CROP NUTRITION 42 CROP NUTRITION