Selenium is an essential micronutrient for livestock with deficiency linked to infertility, retained placentas, poor live weight gain and a wide range of sub-clinical symptoms. Over 90% of UK soils are deficient in selenium with pastures typically only providing 15-20% of dietary requirements. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS ✚ Empty rate reduced from 3-year average 8% to 4.6%. ✚ 1st service conception increased 47% to 63%. ✚ Normal ‘heat’ repeat intervals increased from 59% to 83%. TRIALS ON DAIRY AND BEEF UNITS IN THE UK AND IRELAND OVER A 3-YEAR PERIOD HAVE SHOWN SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS IN PERFORMANCE INDICATORS. 0 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.3 Forage Se (mg Se per kg DM) Target Level UK Average Seleni-Grass SELENIUM LEVELS IN FORAGE Standard forms of selenium supplementation include injections, drenches, boluses, minerals and adding selenium to water. These methods usually involve animal handling, can be costly and do nothing to resolve the underlying problem of low selenium levels in the soil and forage. Origin Fertilisers has developed Seleni-Grass, a range of grassland fertilisers containing prolonged release selenium granules designed specifically to increase selenium levels in grass and forage. Grass and forage samples from across the UK over a 10 year period consistently show that Seleni-Grass increases selenium levels to the target level of 0.3mg/kg DM – see graph. This simple method of selenium supplementation does not involve extra work or animal handling and is extremely cost competitive at circa 1p-2p per head per day. 23-0-0 + 5 SO3 + 5 Na2 O 42-0-0 + 5 SO3 + Selenium 25-3-3 + Selenium 23-0-3.5 + 11.5 SO3 + 5 Na2 O + 4 CaO + 1.5 MgO 25-0-0 + 5 SO3 + Selenium 20-4-13 + 5 SO3 + Selenium Selenium can be added to Sweet-Grass. Cobalt can be added on request to any grades. PRODUCT RANGE t: 03333 239 230 e: “I treated half a field with ammonium nitrate and the other half with ‘Sweet-Grass’ and put cows and calves into the field as a trial. The cattle could be seen preferentially grazing the ‘Sweet-Grass’ side as opposed to the side that was treated with straight N. The ‘Sweet-Grass’ application encouraged intake which should allow us to maximise the cattles potential from grazed grass.” Robert Fleming, South Milton, Glenluce – Agrii Forage i-Farm “I recommend using ‘Sweet-Grass’ and ‘Seleni-Grass’ to all my farmers as it helps increase their returns from grass. With the use of ‘Seleni-Grass’, many of my farmers have improved the fertility of their cows due to the higher levels of selenium in the base diet.” David Lievesley, Dairy / Ruminant Advisor, Staffordshire “I used ‘Sweet-Grass’ and ‘Seleni-Grass’. The cows were grazing areas that they have never liked grazing before. It was a delight to see all the cows heads down grazing when I came into the field.” Jonathon Pickford, Spot Acre Farms, Staffordshire – milking 400 Holsteins Enriched with sodium for ‘sweeter’ grass Enriched with selenium for animal health SIMPLE SELENIUM SUPPLEMENTATION Agrii nutrition services Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 36 CROP NUTRITION