Big Bale Solutions  Exceptional Quality  Consistently Reliable  High Performance  Cost Effective We’ve got it Covered! Contact your local Agri representative FARMER'S CROP PROTECTION RANGE:- NET WRAP BALER TWINE SILAGE WRAP Agrii stocks a full range of Cotesi, Maxicover, Farm Films, Farmer’s and Tama netwrap, film and twine products. More information follows over the next two pages, but please get in touch with any more detailed enquiries. FARMER’S SILAGE WRAP ✚ UV stabilised ✚ 5 layer silage wrap ✚ Consistent quality from Farmer’s ✚ High tack levels ensure a perfect seal Farmer’s Silograss is one of the most established silage wraps in today’s market, suitable for round bale wrapping and big square bales in all conditions. Available in 3 and 5 layers. Tama provides farm grown solutions to make baling simpler than ever. Modern technologies and innovations bring longer netwraps and twine with the same unwavering performance. Tama knows this because they are farmers themselves. In recent years, the quality of raw materials and production has advanced dramatically, and Tama has developed their netwrap and twines to help deliver real benefits to farmers and contractors in every country where balers are used. Sophisticated resins and better manufacturing processes gives 25% more netwrap on a roll for no extra weight. That is about 93 extra bales than a roll of 3,600m netwrap could provide. This offers you the ability to store enough netwrap on your baler for the day’s baling, providing fewer roll changes and AT THE HEART OF TAMA ARE FARMERS, AND UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS OF THE MODERN FARMER, GROWER AND CONTRACTOR IS WHAT TAMA LIVES FOR. meaning less downtime. All this and it will work in any round baler – old and new! Last year Tama launched a new range of big bale twines. Big square balers have been commonplace for many years now and the quality of bales they produce have become much better with improved machine design and better compaction of the bales. Therefore, the demand on the twine performance has increased too. Tama has invested money, time and effort into developing better big bale twines utilising its innovative approaches as it does with its netwraps. Tama’s twines are softer and twisted to form a compact twine that offers smooth running through the knotters, a suppleness to form a good knot and packed into spools offering a guaranteed length. A range that has a twine to suit your baling needs. Netwrap, film and twine products Farmer’s products now stocked by Agrii TAMA TWINE AND NETWRAP ADVERTORIAL TAMA TWINE ✚ Spools fit in all balers ✚ The only fully OEM validated Big Baler twine range ✚ Unrivalled consistency of fibrillation, twisting, suppleness and knotting performance ✚ Validated by leading knotter manufacturer RASSPE BALE NETWRAP ✚ TamaNet™ Edge to Edge 4500m and 3800m ✚ Bluebell Netwrap 3000m and 3600m Agrii also stocks TPL Farm Films, which are tried and tested to withstand extremes of weather conditions. They offer a unique triple layer construction, instant bond and long term adhesion, eliminating ‘tailing’ after wrapping, and complete air-fastness for a minimum of 12 months. Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 27 LIVESTOCK HEALTH & NUTRITION 26 LIVESTOCK HEALTH & NUTRITION