CONTROLLING RODENTS AROUND THE FARM From 1st January 2018 only those Farm Assured schemes that align their protocols to the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) code of practice will continue to qualify as proof of competence. Updated lists of approved schemes are available to download at There is plenty of clear guidance in the CRRU code and best practice guidelines that details measures that can be taken to deter and reduce rodent infestations. The use of rodenticides should be the last resort to control rodents. Those rodenticides approved for use in open spaces have a label requirement to keep the bait within a bait box or when burrow baiting that the bait is appropriately covered. The following table is a guide to help select the most effective product authorised for use in any specific environment. All are available through your local Agrii outlet: Control of adult flies is best achieved by pasting or spraying insecticide* onto the fabric of the building/pens where they rest. To minimise the risk of resistance, change the chemical group of insecticide after a batch of animals finished. Below is a summary of approved biocidal products for fly control in livestock systems. Where practical, first consideration should be given to the use of proofing methods and good housekeeping to reduce the prevalence of flies. These proofing methods could include the installation of extractor fans, regular removal of manure and the installation of fly mesh screens. FLY CONTROL IN INTENSIVE LIVESTOCK SYSTEMS Reg. trademarks: Rodilon, Racumin Foam, Quickbayt, Ficam and Aquapy Quickbayt, Ficam and Aquapy – Bayer Cropscience. Romax Muskil, Romax Venom, Romax Rat CP and Flymax Super – J. V. Barrett & Co. Ltd. Neoporex – Elanco. LD100A – Pesttrappa Use Biocides safely, Always read the label and product information before use. Target Infestation level/ factors Rodent nesting & feeding Inside buildings Rodent feeding in & around buildings Rodents living in open spaces Notes Rats High Romax Venom Gel Romax Venom Gel or Blocks or Grain Romax Rat CP or Romax Muskil Blocks Romax Venom, Rodilon or Romax Muskil Grain baits are not authorised for use in open spaces Rodilon Trio is formulated with three seeds and is specifically attractive to mice Medium/Low Grain or Blocks – Romax Venom or Rodilon Romax Muskil or Rodilon Bait shy Racumin Foam Blocks/Grain/Pasta High Risk to Non Targets Romax Rat CP Romax Venom Gel Romax Rat CP Mice High Romax Venom Gel or Rodilon Trio Romax Venom Gel or Pasta or Blocks Romax Muskil Pasta and Blocks are approved Medium/Low Romax Venom Pasta or Grain or Rodilon Trio Romax Muskil Blocks or Pasta Bait shy Racumin Foam Romax Muskil Pasta or Blocks High Risk to Non Targets Romax Muskil Blocks Romax Muskil Blocks Target Chemical group Key brand Active ingredient Rate of use Pack Pack coverage Larvae and eggs Benzoylphenylurea Dimilin Flo Diflubenzuron 10ml in 1 litre per 10m2 500ml 500m2 Triazine Neporex Cyromazine 250g per 10m2 20kg Up to 400m2 Adults *(Paste) Organophosphorus LD100A Azamethiphos 250g + 250g Sugar in 2 litres 1kg 600m2 Neonicotinoid Quickbayt Imadacloprid 200g in 150ml water 2kg 800m2 Airborne Adults Synthetic Pyrethroid Flymax Super Permethrin 1 litre per 300m3 5 litre 1,500m3 Natural Pyrethrins Aquapy Pyrethrin 100ml in 900ml per 3,000m3 1 litre 30,000m3 The UK legislation introduced in autumn 2016 requires proof of competence to both purchase and use professional rodenticides. 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