Calcium Bones, hooves, teeth, nervous system and muscle Milk fever, skeletal problems, poor yield/condition and restlessness Phosphorus Bones, teeth and for energy production Milk fever, joints, poor performance and fertility Magnesium Bones, nervous system and enzyme function Staggers, poor yields/condition and nervousness Sodium Saliva production, digestion and absorption Reduced appetite, acidic rumen and poor feed conversion MACRO MINERALS Required for Deficiency causes Copper Fertility, energy utilisation and immunity Infertility, anaemia, poor growth and coat condition, swayback in lambs Cobalt Required by the rumen microbes to produce Vitamin B12 Lack of Vitamin B12 low energy and poor performance, Pine Iodine Thyroid gland development and growth rates Ringworm, retained placentas, still-born young and reduced growth rates Manganese Fertility, bone development and growth rates Poor conception rates, bone malformation of young stock Zinc Growth of hoof and wool/hair, immunity, udder tissue Bad feet, high SCC, poor coat condition and poor performance Selenium Along with Vitamin E as an antioxidant, improves iodine function and fertility Retained placentas, white muscle disease, poor fertility and lack of immunity TRACE ELEMENTS Required for Deficiency causes VITAMINS Vitamin A Sight, skin, tissue lubrication, folical development and bone density Poor sight, bone malformations, poor lubrication and infertility Vitamin D3 Magnesium and calcium function, bones and skeleton Staggers, milk fever, weak bones, poor yields and growth Vitamin E A strong antioxidant, works with selenium Muscle wasting, poor immunity retained placentas and infertility Vitamin B12 Fundamental enzyme in the production of energy Poor energy utilisation, poor performance, twin lamb disease Vitamin B1 Growth, muscle activity, carbohydrate metabolism, nervous system and brain function CCN, Staggers, blindness, rolling of eyes, twitching and hypersensitivity Required for Deficiency causes Vitamins, trace elements and available products SUPERTHRIVE SHEEP & LAMB This is a high specification trace element and vitamin drench containing the required ratio of chelated and unchelated forms of trace elements and vitamins manufactured to a correct balance. Formulation is based on forage samples taken from the Welsh border region, and manufactured to meet local demands. The use of chelated trace elements boosts performance at times of greatest need, for example, lambs at weaning and ewes at tupping and pre-lambing. The objective is to provide the animal with a reserve of stored elements (stored in the soft tissue of the body) which can then become available and released to the animal in times of stress, production demand or worm challenge etc. become available and released to the animal. Another benefit of chelates to balance trace elements is to avoid ‘lock up’. Lock up is the result of an interaction in the gut between an element in excess and another trace element. Chelates are designed to increase the availability of trace elements to the animal, in situations where high levels of ‘antagonists’ will cause lock up. A typical example of lock up and interaction between two elements is the effect of selenium and manganese. There is no doubt that when high levels of manganese are fed, problems with selenium availability in the animal can be expected. Another example of this is molybdenum locking up copper availability. SUPERTHRIVE LAMB AND EWE: ✚ Supports the immune system ✚ Promotes efficient conception rates and lambing percentages, with a shortened lambing period and a reduction in barren ewes ✚ Leads to fitter ewes and cows and stronger lambs and calves ✚ Provides increased resistance to infection ✚ Promotes better growth rates and faster finishing with improved carcass quality ✚ Is a free-flowing product ✚ Comes in pack sizes of 1.0 litres, 2.5 litres and 5.0 litres N.B. When used in conjunction with a wormer, always use the Superthrive first. Dosage Rates: Lambs 4 – 6 weeks of age or combined with first wormer: 5.0 ml 6 weeks plus and at weaning: 7.5 ml Hoggs and store lambs: 7.5 ml (repeat after 2 months or if dosing is not practical because lambs may be away wintering, give one dose of 15ml) Ewes 4 weeks pre-lambing: 20.0 ml 4 weeks pre-tupping: 20.0 ml (to reduce barrens and tighten lambing period) Or 3 weeks pre tupping: 15.0 ml and repeat when the tups go in or sponges are removed. Rams 6/8 weeks pre-tupping: 20.0 ml Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 Please contact customer services: e: t: 0845 6073322 11 LIVESTOCK HEALTH & NUTRITION 10 LIVESTOCK HEALTH & NUTRITION