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05 T he farming challenges of today are far too many and signicant to be addressed piecemeal believes Agrii chief executive David Downie. Instead he is adamant that success in an increasingly competitive volatile fast-moving and legislatively-restricted world requires the most integrated partnership working. Building Success on Integrated Working Agrii East Summer 2015 Journal Update from David Downie Agrii CEO Sustaining farming prots certainly isnt getting any easier with markets as volatile and climatic conditions as variable as theyve become he reected. Bigger businesses to manage with fewer people makes life even more demanding. As do more and more limited crop protection armouries increasing problems of resistance growing burdens of legislation greening and bureaucracy and continuing concerns over future stafng and succession. In my career Im fortunate enough to have been able to view our industry from both ends through the eyes of my familys farm and from the perspective of a major food retailer. Amongst other things this has taught me the crucial importance of sufcient scale resources technical expertise and innovation as well as vision and commitment at all times. David Downie is convinced securing their specic recipes for the future is something agricultural businesses must approach in a thoroughly joined- up way to bring together the many components required for sustained success with the greatest cost-effectiveness. And he sees this as just as important for a business like Agrii as for any farm. To achieve our primary purpose of adding value and creating prosperity for the farmers and growers who work with us we are building our business rmly on relevance value people local support and responsibility he pointed out. Fundamental to this is the trusted partnership our agronomists have with their customers combining expert local advice based on rst class research with the most reliable supply of the inputs they need for the best results. We only succeed if our growers do. Thats why our entire focus is on providing them with the most relevant and reliable support alongside the inputs they need precisely where and when they need them to make the most of every opportunity. We have no doubt that future arable vegetable and fruit growing prosperity will lie as much in the right combinations of seed nutrition and soil and water management as in the best chemistry. So our RD programme is designed and run to provide growers with combinations of varieties fertilisers and other inputs as well as the crop protection chemicals they know have the most solid scientic evidence of commercial value behind them explained David Downie. Because we take new varieties apart in trials across the country for several seasons before they become commercially available growers also have all the agronomic intelligence they need to make the most of them with the most cost effective production systems from Day One without having to learn from their mistakes. Equally through our Master Seeds brand they have the assurance of the highest available standards of seed quality seed treatment value and delivery timeliness. With spraying timeliness as important to crop protection success as product choice in many cases today weve built our logistics around local intelligence and responsiveness so growers can be assured that if a chemical is available in the country we will get it to the farm store at which it is needed by the next working day wherever necessary he added. This is an essential they just cant rely on where advice and supply are separated. Weve also made the precision technology and timely data-based decision support we see as offering some of the greatest opportunities for improving production efciency and protability central to our integrated service too. Field mapping from our advanced soil scanning and laser texture analysis for instance ensures growers crop management is based on the most accurate understanding of their soils. David Downie went on to explain that Agriis integrated partnership approach extends to far more than customer working. Even though the companys agronomic research development and demonstration network is second to none in the UK the RD team has been building strong partnerships with key institutions like Rothamsted Research and Nottingham University for the greatest industry as well as individual value. Our thoroughly integrated approach across the agricultural industry as well as between its many disciplines at farm level makes us very different from a traditional distributor concluded David Downie. David Downie Agrii Chief Executive Ofcer