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Lynn Steel

Employee Name: Lynn Steel
Current Role: Planner & Stock Co-ordinator West Region
Employee Since: April 2004

Tell us a bit about your background

I joined the bank when I left school before joining the WRNS to train as a dental hygienist. After having a family, I had various customer service roles until becoming a supervisor in a call center heading the busy customer services team for Gillette, Braun, Duracell and Oral B.

Why did you choose Agrii?

The role was the challenge I was looking for where I could use my previous experience at the same time as learning new ‘experiences’.

Describe the recruitment process

I came to Finmere for a 2-part interview with both my immediate line manager and his line manager.

What training and development have you received? What about qualifications?

Training has been ‘on the job’ with some more structured IT training sessions when we changed from GP to AX.

Describe your current role, location and team

I changed to my current role in supply chain in January 2007 part of which involves getting the right chemical to the right stores, at the right time. I work out of the Finmere office and am currently seeking another member of the team to work alongside me. I am part of the bigger supply chain team and between us, we cover all regions.

Name some good things about the role of agronomist

  • The sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.
  • Being able to fulfil expectations by agronomists/farmers when it doesn’t always seem possible.
  • Working in a friendly sociable office.

Name some not-so-good bits about the role

  • It can get very tense in the Spring season when we are working flat out every day, when some chemicals are allocated or the supplier lets us down and everybody wants everything yesterday.
  • Trying to juggle everything to keep everyone happy can be hard work.

What piece of advice would you give to young people aspiring to a career in the industry?

Go for it! It’s not just their future they will be looking after, as well as keeping farming alive. Developments are being made all the time and we are committed to our R & D to ensure future generations benefit.

How do you see your future panning out and/or the future of agronomy/seed/farming in general?

I intend to be a part of Agrii for a long time yet and would like to think I will see the future of farming getting better and better.